This and That Design Company

Looking for a special gift? Every single one of our pieces are handcrafted, handmade, handpainted or handpoured to order. Made by us especially for you. 

About Us

Those two words I had been longing to say for years... I'm pregnant! And with it came pure happiness, but also the fear that something would go wrong. So an early scan was booked. All of that fear disappeared the moment I heard his heartbeat. Pure joy, relief and love instead took there place. I wanted to capture those feelings and change them into something visual, something that I could look at throughout my pregnancy and remind me that he was doing safe and well. And so the very first soundwave artpiece was created. 

A treasured keepsake that reminds me, even now, when I'm frazzled or stressed, or sitting up doing a night feed, and I am as tired as tired can be, how I felt in that moment. Family and friends saw that piece and had their own memories that they wanted to capture, be it the laughter of their child, a treasured saying that reminds them of a lost loved one, a song clip from their first dance or a momento of their own pending arrival. And so the company was born. 

We have now branched out into other gift products, but our ethos remains the same - to bring you a perfectly one of a kind piece handmade with love.